VMS for Health Care

Get more International Patients for your hospital.

  • An Intuitive - Interactive - Informative "Visual Website".
  • Showcase and promote business through immersive experience for customers.
  • Selling made easy - Take business to customers, wherever they are, 24x7.
  • Engage customers more actively through social media.

Our Features

Display on Website or Facebook

Publish easily across websites and Facebook
Use QR code for offline use.


View details, watch video or listen to audio files while walking through.

Boundary Hotspot

Information pop-up upon navigating to a point within a boundary.

Send Enquiry

Take a snapshot and send enquiry directly to business.

Virtual Reality View

View, walkthrough and explore using simple VR gadgets or Google cardboards.

Info Hotspot

Hotspot linked to specific information on the
go-including uniqueness measurement etc.

Floor plan

Floor plan linked to Virtual Tour for easy traversing across the entity


Take a snapshot of any object / entity and share across Social Media.

Click to Action

Explore and click for actions such as Book, Buy, Contact the business / property.

Audio / Video Hotspot

Hotspot linked to Audio file or a video link to showcase uniqueness and specialty.

Day – Night Views

Showcase the business / property in both day and night views for a better perspective.

Usage Analytics

Understand customer behaviour through live usage analytics.

Use Cases and Benefits

  • Show case the facilities to potential customers (patients and their associates) and authorities wherever they are. Provide near-realistic, immersive experience of your facilities with VR view.
  • Help the virtual visitors with clear guided tour of the hospital or clinic and help them to set right expectations before the visit. Enable them to explore freely different sections, facilities, capabilities at their own convenience to get themselves comfortable.
  • Provide better understanding of the hospital or clinic to visitors by displaying details (text, video or audio) of relevant facilities, capabilities and support systems.
  • Enable easy interface for the public to contact the hospital or clinic anytime. Track visitor data and get insights on what they are looking for.
  • Publish the Guided Tour in websites and Facebook for leveraging social media effectively. Use QR code in brochures and printed materials.