VMS for Retail

Increase customers to buy products with more visibility ! More than 10 awards for Retail Sector !

  • Go online with your retail business for customer reach and business growth
  • Shop open 24x7. Your customers can shop anywhere, anytime from your store.
  • Help your loyal customers by providing in-store shopping experience online to shop at their convenience
  • Leverage your store visual merchandising and cross sell products.
  • Build and develop your own brand. Do not allow others to hijack your identify and brand.

Our Features

Integrated Solution

Ecommerce integrated with Visual Commerce for in-store walkthrough and purchase online. The common backend system enables stores to display same, realtime information to users across both ecommerce and visual commerce setups.

Interlinked Products

Users may follow the normal ecommerce way (search by category / text) to view the relevant products. They may click to view the same product in the store for better understanding and view similar products.

Convenient Shopping

Users may explore and purchase in the normal ecommerce way (when they know what exactly they are purchasing) or by virtually walking through the store (when they are looking for purchase in general), whichever is convenient to them. They can add products to cart or wishlist from either of the methods and make a common chckout.

Store Interactivity

Customers can interact with the Store Executive online or through offline enquiry. They can take a snapshot of the product in the Virtual Store and send enquiry for store's response. Further, real-time visual chatting app with annotation is available for direct interface upon request (Contact us for the same).

Store Analytics

Businesses can get complete usage data including what the customers are looking, exploring and interacting with. This will help businesses to proactively take actions to promote for better sales.

Leverage Social Media

Businesses can leverage social media to attract more effective leads using our unique Share feature. Businesses can also track the shares made by their customers for targeted promotion. Further Visual Store can be published in thier Facebook page as well.

Easy To Use Store Management Module

A simple cloud based Store Management Module enables businesses to easily manage product catalogues, inventory & price management and order fulfilment without having to go through the complex backend system.

Virtual Reality View

Users can view, walkthrough and explore products in the Visual Store using simple Virtual Reality gadgets or Google carboards. This provides user immersive and real in-store shopping experience.

Simple and Easy Steps to Go Online